To be able to create is a gift but to share your creation and bring joy to another is an honour

Being a bespoke jeweller means consulting with my clients to design a unique piece of jewellery to complement their lifestyle. What gives me a buzz, is watching the client's face when they come into the showroom to collect their jewellery piece and seeing their eyes light up and the smile on their face - It’s priceless!

Mark Nathan Jewellery was established in Sydney in 1993. Now, Mark's timeless designs have given joy to thousands of Australian and international clients.

Mark Saffer started polishing gold at his father's factory when he was just 10 years old. His passion for jewellery started by seeing how you can make dull gold jewellery come back to life just by polishing.

Saffer's designs are an exercise in sophisticated simplicity. His pieces frame the beauty of precious stones (like sapphires, rubies and emeralds), a pearl's creamy lustre, or a diamond's brilliance. From 0.25 carat to a huge, of-course-I'll-marry-you five carats, all Saffer's diamonds are GIA Certified, to guarantee a perfect finish and a piece which will last a lifetime.

The Collection


Earrings made with diamonds, precious stones and the highest quality metals.


Necklaces and pendants made with the finest materials.


Bracelets made with the finest jewels and metals.

The Designer: Mark Saffer

Saffer travels the world regularly to keep up with trends and ensure he offers his clients the most contemporary design solutions, but currently refrains from entering competitions, preferring to devote his energy into serving his customers.